March 21, 2009

Carrying Cash

"Give to every one who begs from you..." - Luke 6:30

I hardly ever carry cash. My mother was appalled at the idea of paying for groceries with a credit card, so it was a long time before I could. But I pay the bill off every month, so why resist? Now I pay for everything with a credit card. It's so convenient. Most of the time.

Beggars don't take credit cards. Or debit cards. Or checks.

She was driving a mini-van with no license plates. Her daughter -- I guess -- was asleep in the front seat. Maybe she was eight or nine.

The mini-van just pulled up beside us in a parking lot, right in the middle of the middle class world in which we live. I thought she needed directions. She needed money.

She said the child was sick, and they needed medicine. They needed food. I only had a five dollar bill.

I gave her the five dollars, but I felt sad. I was on my way from talking with a contractor about making some improvements to our home. I'm about to write a check to that man for thousands of dollars. But I only had five to give the woman whose child needs medicine and food.

I intend to start carrying cash.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe I'm just feeling fragile, but that made me cry. Some people would not have even given the $5. Most people would not have even spoken to that woman. The best you could do is enough.