February 8, 2013

Gone for the Weekend

I'm out this weekend staffing with Women's Walk with Christ.  If you are Christian woman or know a Christian woman who is looking for a deeper and more purposeful walk with Christ and her Christian sisters, check us out.  We host three weekends a year in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Our remaining 2013 weekends are April 19-21 and October 11-13.  If you are a Christian man or know a Christian man, check out Marked Men for Christ.

I did my Women's Walk with Christ weekend nearly five years ago, and it changed my life.  I am being transformed in relationship with God and others as I continue to do healing work with my sisters in the ministry.  Women from around the U.S. and around the world have had this experience.  You can too.

What I know is that any brokenness that I don’t allow God to transform, I will transmit.  I get to choose whether I leave the world more healed or spread my woundedness.

On the weekend, we address emotional wounds common to every woman:  Deceit, fear, anger, sadness, and shame.  We are women ministering to women, but it’s the Holy Spirit that brings the power and the healing.

Even if you’re not interested, send a prayer – or a good thought, if that’s more your style.  We’ve got over fifty women who will spend 44 hours opening their hearts to transformation beginning at 5:00 today.

I’ll be back Monday, and we’ll be getting ready to journey through Lent.

Peace be with you!

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