February 27, 2013

Lenten Journey: Waking Up

Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep, but becoming fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.
- Luke 9:32

For Reflection...

Peter, James, and John had been called to the mountaintop to watch the Master pray.  That is the way with disciples of a rabbi; they watch and do as the rabbi does.  Do as I do, invites Jesus, as these three are called apart.  He prays and is transformed from glory to glory.  Do as I do.  But they fall asleep.

We are called up the mountain too.  We can recall our own mountaintop experiences, the times when our faces were aglow with God's glory.  We were awake then, awake to the Something More that tends to elude us in our day to day lives.  We knew the joy and presence of God not only in our heads, but in our hearts, our souls.  We became its embodiment.  And then we fell asleep.

It's easy to forget the mountaintop from the valley.  That's why we're here, on this journey together.  We, you and I, are keeping each other awake.  When we meet here, in this virtual communion, we remind each other to stay awake.

We need not just to open our eyes, but, like the disciples, to become fully awake.  Half measures won't do.  The world is too much.  If we doze, even for a moment, if we pause to rest our eyes, we are overcome.  We do.  We succumb to sleep, so we have to be vigilant, and not just for ourselves, but for one another.  I will never be able to shake myself awake, but I can keep watch for you, and you can keep watch for me.

Because when we are fully awake, we witness the glory of God.

For Entering In...

Spend a few moments becoming present to yourself.  If your mind is preoccupied, allow the thoughts to come and to go.  Notice what you feel in your body, in your heart.

Invite God to be present with you.

Reflect on these questions:
  • In what ways do you sleep through your life?  Where are you being called to wake up?
  • Who are the people in your life who help you to stay awake?  Who might you ask to walk with you in this way?  If you feel hesitant to ask, notice that hesitation and wonder what it might be saying to you.
  • Who can you serve who might desire your help to stay awake?  Don't offer if you haven't been asked, but listen.  Listen especially in prayer.  Who might be crying out for your companionship?
  • We often wake up only to fall asleep again.  When we are fully awake, we cannot avoid the truth as it comes to us, and sometimes that feels hard.  What keeps you from staying awake?
  • How is your prayer life today?  Will you set aside time, today, to stay awake?  You may witness the glory of God and come away with your face radiant.
As you finish this quiet time, take a moment to connect with your soul and enjoy the goodness that God has created in you.

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